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What are Phigs?

An alternative to a greetings card! Finally, you don't have to rush out to spend £2-£4 on a Birthday, Thank you, Well done or any other type of card for it only to end up in the recycling!

Send Phigs instead. Create something that people can keep, is personal to you and can be displayed neatly and stylishly on a cool Phig tree, along with all the other Phigs you recieve.

At £18 for 24 Phigs they are less then £1 each and make a great Christmas greeting, Thank you or Save a date.

Christmas Trees are £15 and Family trees are £18. They make great presents for loved ones, especially Parents and Granparents.

Download the Phig app today to get started!

Grow your own Phig tree!

Either the Christmas tree (pictured) or the new Family tree is a lovely magnetic stainless steel tree on a handmade solid wooden base. It is free standing or can be hung on the wall. All the Phigs you recieve can be displayed on the trees and you can begin to grow your own Phig tree with all your family and friends.


General App Info

  • Download the App for free
  • Use a picture from your phone or from the gallery to design and create your very own Phig. It can be your family, pets or even a business logo. Add some text, filters and go through to checkout where you can order in batches of 24.
  • They are circular flexible magnets which you can give to friends and family instead of cards.
  • Add either of the Phig display tree's to your order for just £15 and you can start growing your own Phig tree.
  • Spread the love! Tell your friends you'd like Phigs this year to fill your tree up and have a lovely stylish Phig tree on display in your home

Keeping it local

All the components that come together to create a lovely Phig tree covered in Phigs are all produced in the South West! A Bideford based company for the trees, Exeter for the Phigs, a workshop on the farm for the bases, and of course a Barnstaple based genius (two of them actually) to create the app and website! I plan to keep it this way as it's important to me to support local businesses

Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

Thanks for downloading! X

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